Recently we been receiving complaints bout jars leaking. normally this would happen to 1 in about 80 jars but it has been about 1 in 45 jars where leakage has been reported to us. We find this to be totally unacceptable and have changed suppliers for the lids.

We also changed our lid type to metal that has a rugger/plastic ring in the lid that comes in contact with the jar lip. With this contact it creates a better seal and should reduce ant chance of oil leaking from the jars. We apologize to anyone that has received any jar that has leaked.

Furthermore, we are no longer over filling the jars which also was responsible for leakage as well. Going forward, the jars will be filled with the amount of oil that the jar is suppose to hold and we no longer will be filling them up to the top. each jar is weighed as it is being filled to insure that you will receive the proper amount of oil that you paid for. We will make additional changes as needed to prevent this from continuing. Thank you! ~ Katherine

Nature's Salves & Soaps 2 Oz. Ozonated Olive Oil
Nature’s Salves & Soaps 2 Oz. Ozonated Olive Oil