Frequently Asked Questions And Answers From Our Customers:

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Q: Will the Ozonated Oil Arrive Frozen?
A: It may arrive frozen depending if: you choose over night shipping, local weather condition’s, etc…

Q: Does your Certified Ozone Technician use corona discharge or cold plasma ozone generator?
A: Per our Certified OzoneTechnician; the manufacturing process of our products is propitiatory information. Our products are second to none!
Follow up:
Q: One article I read stated: “Corona discharge ozone generators can lead to contamination, so you should look for ozonated olive oil products manufactured using a cold plasma ozone generator in order to ensure purity and quality. (person was very adamant in wanting to know our manufacturing process)
A: We can tell you that you are 50% correct in what you read. Cold plasma does not contaminate the oil (if 100% pure oxygen is used). Depending on the type of corona ozone generator used; for example: quartz glass tube corona will not contaminate either (if 100% oxygen is used). Plasmafire intl. has good machines that don’t contaminate and they have great reviews, Synergy Ozone Machines seem to have good reviews as well. One is plasma and one is corona ( we use neither of these; ours are custom built to our Certified Ozone Technician’s specifications).

Q: Would the Ozonated Olive Oil Salve be appropriate to use on radiation damaged skin?
A: We cannot provide any type of medical advise but you can search the internet or consult a physician.

Q: Can you advise about using it on our face as we hear that it is toxic to the lungs?
A: We are unable to provide you with any type of medical advise but we can tell you that several of our customers put it on their face, hair, skin, ingest it, etc…

Q: How often should we apply the salve?
A: We are unable to provide you with any type of medical advise. We can tell you that many apply it several times a day as needed; there are lots of great reasons to use ozonated oils and each situation or reason for using it is unique therefore we recommend to use your own judgement. Many people/customers recommend applying several times a day.


Check back often for updates as this list is sure to grow 🙂